Always having had very strong ties to the earth and the life that stems from it I grew up running wild in the dirt and the woods. I would pack my pockets full of the treasures I found along the way, sticks, stones and bones were the stuff of magic in my little faerie world. A combination of Native American lore and imagination. The things I found in my path were tokens of luck and a bit of magick that protected me on my journey, my plates of armor. As I grew up I kept that world in my heart and yearned for a way to bring it into my current realm. It’s remained my aesthetic and my way of life, it’s just evolved into something less chaotic and more refined in style. Evolve jewelry came from this journey. My course of evolution combined with life’s evolution. Its my way of honoring the bones of the earth and wearing them throughout the day.

Each piece is hand crafted by myself and unique. The parts come from around the world on my travels or are ordered from responsible hunters and reservations. Most are made as they are ordered and I will happily custom make pieces. The style is kept simple and sleek, always.

Each piece is a statement. Each piece a plate of armor. Each piece a way of honoring the bones that lie within.

-Alex LaMarsh, Designer of Evolve